AMEX OptBlue

The American Express OptBlue program will give eligible merchants access to high-spending and loyal card members as well as innovative marketing programs and advertising through programs like Shop Small® and Small Business Saturday®.

Shop Small® is a nationwide movement to help communities thrive by celebrating small businesses every day. As the founding partner, American Express provides ways to help small businesses stand out and attract new customers, and encourages shoppers to get out and shop at small businesses in their neighborhood throughout the year.

In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday® to help business owners with their biggest need after the recession — getting more customers. Four years later, the day still rallies shoppers across the nation to get out and support local businesses each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

American Express OptBlue® Eligibility Criteria

  • Estimated charge volume < $1MM
  • Located in U.S. (does not include Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands or any other U.S. Territory)
  • Transact in USD only
  • Are not within any of the Prohibited Merchant Industries and Categories, Do Not Sign, and the Franchise Exclusion Lists
  • Multiple locations with one Tax ID - American Express volume must be less than $1MM combined for all locations. All merchants who exceed $1MM in Amex volume MUST be signed by American Express.
  • Volume for multiple locations with separate Tax IDs is not combined for eligibility purposes (must be less than$1MM per Tax ID)
  • $1MM and over in American Express volume under any single Tax ID – the merchant must contact American Express directly for American Express Direct program.
  • First Data can continue to provide “processing only” or "Pass-through” servicing for American Express Direct merchants

By building awareness and marketing the American Express OptBlue® program among your merchant base, you can benefit from potential growth opportunities.

Partner Benefits

  • Additional Revenue Stream
  • Determine the rates and pricing methods
  • New merchant acquisition
  • Maintain the Relationship
  • Enhanced merchant loyalty and reduced attrition
  • Attract and retain top sales talent
  • You Earn the Profit

Merchant Benefits

  • One Provider – One processing contact, so it’s easy for merchants to get answers
  • One Deposit – Merchants get paid at the same time as they do for other card brands to maximize cash flow
  • One Statement – A single, simple statement for all cards, so merchants can simplify back-end processes/reconciliation
  • Partners Determine Rates – This can lead to merchants having the opportunity to find a rate that’s right for their business

Optimize the Value of Accepting American Express:

Amex Card Members report spending 1.6X more than non-card members on all retail purchases using any credit card in a typical month, which means more revenue for you and your merchants.

67% of American Express Card Members report they would be more likely to make a purchase when they see that American Express is accepted on the front door or window.

63% of American Express Card Members report that their American Express card is their most frequently used credit card.

To achieve revenue growth, engage with your OptBlue® program merchants to drive activation through welcome calls, POP signage and ongoing customer engagement.


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