Payroll Distribution Services

Our Money Network® solutions are designed to help you optimize your payroll process to create benefits for your employees and your bottom line. By offering your employees 100% electronic pay, you reduce payroll administration costs and reliance on company-issued paper checks to effectively streamline operations. All the while, your employees benefit from safe, convenient access to their wages.

Money Network Benefits:

  • Robust “pay to the penny” solution includes the Money Network® Card and Money Network™ Check, enabling employers to comply with payroll laws while providing a safe and convenient pay alternative for employees.
  • Allow employers to pay final wages electronically using a Money Network Check drawn on the employer’s corporate funding account, eliminating the waiting period for a traditional check from payroll or need to keep terminated employees on paid administrative leave.
  • Pay stub information is distributed electronically via a Money Network hosted solution that includes web, IVR, on- demand pay stub printing device, and email or text notification options.
  • Flexible online reporting provides detailed information on transactions, account status, funding, and registration.
  • Issue payment to non-employee recipients, or independent contractors with this fast, easy and safe alternative that includes the Money Network Card and Money Network Checks.

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