PCI Compliance

What Is PCI Compliance?

The Payment Cardholder Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was created by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and the Discover Network to protect cardholder information and reduce data theft. PCI DSS establishes and enforces security requirements for members, businesses and service providers.

One of the most significant PCI DSS requirements is that you may not store magnetic-stripe data after an authorization is obtained on a credit card. So magnetic stripe data must be purged from your records, and from any system you use, after authorization.

Becoming PCI compliant helps put your mind at ease; you won’t have to worry about whether or not your transactions are being handled safely. When you become PCI compliant, you protect your customers from losing valuable card data and safeguard yourself from possible legal issues and certain fines from the credit card companies.

If your business fails to comply with PCI DSS, you risk substantial fines—and even risk losing your ability to process credit card payments.

The FirstClass Solution

At FirstClass Merchant Services we’re committed to you and the success of your business. In an effort to help your business become PCI compliant, we have chosen the TransArmor Solution, a data security solution that is approved by the PCI Security Standards Council.

The TransArmor Solution is State-of-the-art- small business data protection. This dynamic security package safeguards your business and reputation, making sure your hard work pays off.  With the TransArmor Solution, you get unlimited customer service from all three teams at no additional costs:

  • Compliance department
  • Technical support team
  • Scan specialists

The TransArmor customer service can help make your PCI experience an enjoyable one as they assist you with the compliance process.

The TransArmor Solution provides the following benefits:

  • Online PCI self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Quarterly scans (if applicable)
  • Dedicated customer service phone number
  • Unlimited tech support and remediation services
  • Validation sent directly to FirstClass —no additional steps to complete
  • PCI compliance service from an established industry leader

Please contact us to learn more about the program.


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