The TransArmor solution was developed through partnership between First Data, VeriFone Systems and RSA, the Security Division of EMC. It provides an easy way to protect your business and your customers from the growing threat of card information theft.

Software-based Encryption

With the TransArmor solution, payment card data is protected at every transaction stage – in transit, in use and at rest.

With asymmetric encryption supported by RSA technology, data is secured at the merchant point-of-sale (POS) with the Public Key and can only be decrypted by the Private Key held at First Data. The encrypted data is indecipherable, does not resemble the original data format and works on most existing POS terminals and systems.

Hardware-based Encryption

Hardware-based, format-preserving encryption–available through the TransArmor solution, VeriFone edition—secures payment card data on a tamper-resistant device before it enters the merchant environment in a format that other applications interpret as valid card data. In VeriFone’s format-preserving encryption, the algorithm encrypts data so that the output is in the same length and character set as the input, which is beneficial for bin routing and coding/certification.

Tokenization Technology

Tokenization is a form of data substitution replacing sensitive values with non-sensitive token values. Post-authorization transactions are handled via RSA’s SafeProxy tokenization service, which returns a token with the transaction’s authorization to the merchant. A token can then be stored in the merchant environment in place of the primary account number (PAN) making it possible for a merchant to process follow-on transactions, without having to store customer’s account data in the clear.

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